how to make a double plumeria lei

Creating a double plumeria lei involves weaving or stringing together two strands of plumeria flowers to form a beautiful and fragrant floral garland. Here’s how to make a double plumeria lei:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Plumeria Flowers: Gather fresh plumeria flowers in the colors and sizes of your choice. Plumeria flowers come in various colors, including white, pink, yellow, and more.
  2. Lei Needle or Large Upholstery Needle: A long, blunt needle with a large eye will help you string the flowers easily.
  3. Lei String: Use a durable and flexible string specifically designed for making leis. You can find lei string at craft stores or online.


  1. Prepare the Plumeria Flowers:
    • Pick fresh plumeria flowers from the tree or purchase them from a florist. Make sure they are in good condition without any damage or blemishes.
    • Remove the stems from each plumeria flower, leaving just the flower heads. You can gently pull or twist the stems off.
  2. Thread the Lei Needle:
    • Cut a length of lei string, typically about 36 inches (91 cm) long, depending on the desired length of your lei.
    • Thread one end of the lei string through the eye of the lei needle, leaving a tail of a few inches.
  3. Create the First Strand:
    • Start by stringing the first strand of plumeria flowers. Pierce the needle through the center of each plumeria flower from bottom to top.
    • Slide the flowers down the string as you add them, leaving a small gap between each flower.
  4. Create the Second Strand:
    • After you’ve strung the first strand of plumeria flowers, start creating the second strand. String the plumeria flowers onto the same lei string, but this time, pierce the needle through the flowers from top to bottom.
    • As with the first strand, leave a small gap between each flower and slide them down the string.
  5. Weave the Strands Together:
    • Once you have both strands of plumeria flowers on the lei string, hold the two strands side by side.
    • Carefully weave the strands together by looping one strand over and under the other strand, creating a braided or woven effect.
  6. Continue Weaving:
    • Keep weaving the strands together until you reach the end of the lei. Ensure that the plumeria flowers are evenly distributed, and the lei looks balanced.
  7. Tie Knots:
    • Secure the ends of the lei string by tying knots, making sure the flowers won’t slide off.
    • You can tie the ends of the lei string together to create a continuous loop or leave enough slack to tie the lei around your neck when wearing it.
  8. Trim Excess String:
    • Trim any excess lei string, leaving a small tail.
  9. Fluff and Adjust:
    • Gently fluff and adjust the plumeria flowers to create a full and beautiful double lei.

Your double plumeria lei is now complete and ready to be worn or shared with others. The fresh plumeria flowers will provide a lovely fragrance, making it a perfect accessory for special occasions or celebrations.

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