how to make a diaper out of maxi pads

Creating a makeshift diaper using maxi pads is a useful skill in emergency situations or when you need a temporary solution. Here’s a simple guide on how to make a diaper out of maxi pads:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Maxi Pads: Choose maxi pads with good absorption capabilities. The number of pads you’ll need depends on the level of absorbency required.
  2. Scissors: To trim and shape the pads as needed.
  3. Elastic Bands (optional): Elastic bands can be used to secure the makeshift diaper, but they are not necessary.


  1. Prepare the Maxi Pads:
    • Take one or more maxi pads, depending on your needs and the pad’s absorption capacity. Fold open the wings of the pads, so they are flat.
  2. Trim the Pads (Optional):
    • If the maxi pads are too long or wide for your needs, you can trim them to the desired size. Use scissors to carefully cut the pads to the right dimensions. Be cautious not to damage the inner absorbent material.
  3. Position the Pads:
    • Lay the maxi pads flat, one on top of the other, with the absorbent side facing up. If you are using multiple pads, align them to create a layered stack.
  4. Create a Diaper Shape:
    • Fold the bottom edge of the stacked pads up towards the top edge, about one-third of the way up. This creates a pocket for the liquid to be absorbed.
  5. Wrap the Diaper Around You:
    • Lift the folded stack of pads and place it between your legs, with the folded edge against your body and the unfolded part facing outward.
  6. Secure the Diaper (Optional):
    • If you have elastic bands, you can use them to secure the makeshift diaper in place. Wrap an elastic band around each end of the folded stack of pads to hold them together and keep the diaper in place. Be sure not to make it too tight to ensure comfort.
  7. Adjust for Comfort:
    • Adjust the diaper as needed to make it comfortable and snug. Ensure that it provides enough coverage and absorbs any fluids.
  8. Wear Clothing Over the Diaper:
    • To keep the makeshift diaper in place and discreet, wear clothing over it, such as underwear, shorts, or pants.

This makeshift diaper can be used temporarily in emergency situations, but it’s not a substitute for commercially manufactured diapers or proper hygiene products. When possible, it’s advisable to use appropriate sanitary products or diapers for comfort, safety, and hygiene.

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