how to make a dia de los muertos crown

Creating a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) crown is a creative and colorful craft that can be worn as part of your Day of the Dead costume or as a decorative accessory for the holiday. Here’s how to make a Dia de los Muertos crown:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Plastic Headband: Choose a plain plastic headband that fits comfortably on your head.
  2. Artificial Flowers: Select a variety of colorful silk or fabric flowers in different shapes and sizes. Marigolds are a traditional choice for Dia de los Muertos, but you can use other vibrant flowers as well.
  3. Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun: To attach the flowers to the headband.
  4. Felt Fabric: Choose a piece of felt fabric in a color that complements your flower choices. This will be used to create the base for the flowers.
  5. Scissors: For cutting the felt fabric.
  6. Craft Wire: To secure the flowers and create decorative elements (optional).
  7. Decorative Accessories: Consider adding small decorative elements like miniature skulls, beads, or ribbons to enhance your crown.


  1. Prepare Your Workspace:
    • Lay down a clean and organized workspace with all your materials within reach.
  2. Measure and Cut the Felt Base:
    • Measure the circumference of your headband, and cut a strip of felt fabric that’s slightly longer than the headband. The width should be enough to glue the flowers onto comfortably.
  3. Glue the Felt Base:
    • Apply a line of craft glue or use a hot glue gun along the top side of the plastic headband.
    • Press the strip of felt fabric onto the glue, ensuring it’s centered and adheres securely to the headband. This creates a soft base for attaching the flowers.
  4. Prepare the Flowers:
    • Trim the stems of your artificial flowers so that they have a short stem, about 1-2 inches long.
  5. Arrange and Glue the Flowers:
    • Start arranging your flowers along the felt strip. Begin with larger flowers at the center and then work your way outward with smaller flowers.
    • Apply glue to the bottom of each flower stem and press it onto the felt fabric. Hold it in place until the glue dries and the flower is secure.
    • Continue adding flowers until you’ve covered the entire felt strip. Be creative with the arrangement, mixing colors and sizes for a festive look.
  6. Add Decorative Elements (Optional):
    • If you have decorative accessories like miniature skulls, beads, or ribbons, glue them among the flowers for added flair.
  7. Create Wire Embellishments (Optional):
    • To add more dimension to your crown, you can bend craft wire into decorative shapes like loops or spirals and attach them to the crown with glue.
  8. Let it Dry:
    • Allow your Dia de los Muertos crown to dry completely before wearing it or displaying it as part of your Day of the Dead celebration.
  9. Wear and Enjoy:
    • Once your crown is dry and secure, place it on your head and adjust it for a comfortable fit. You can wear it with your Day of the Dead costume or simply as a festive accessory to celebrate the holiday.

Creating a Dia de los Muertos crown allows you to embrace the vibrant and colorful spirit of the holiday while showcasing your creativity and style. Feel free to customize your crown with your favorite flowers and decorations to make it uniquely yours.

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