how to make a cedar wreath

Creating a cedar wreath is a beautiful and festive way to decorate your home, especially during the holiday season. Cedar wreaths are known for their lovely fragrance and natural appeal. Here’s how to make a cedar wreath:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Fresh Cedar Branches: You can usually find fresh cedar branches at a local nursery or garden center, or you can trim branches from cedar trees if you have access to them. You’ll need enough branches to create a full wreath.
  2. Wreath Frame: A wire wreath frame or a foam wreath base is suitable for this project. The size of the frame will determine the size of your wreath.
  3. Floral Wire or Twine: To secure the cedar branches to the wreath frame.
  4. Pruning Shears or Scissors: For cutting the cedar branches to the desired length.
  5. Decorations (Optional): You can add decorations like ribbon, pine cones, berries, or ornaments to your wreath if desired.


  1. Prepare Your Cedar Branches:
    • Start by cutting your cedar branches into manageable sections, typically 6 to 12 inches long. Make sure to have enough branches to cover the wreath frame fully.
  2. Secure the Wreath Frame:
    • If you’re using a wire wreath frame, it’s ready to use as is. If you’re using a foam wreath base, you can wrap it with green floral tape or paint it green to make it less visible.
  3. Attach the First Cedar Branch:
    • Take one of the cedar branches and lay it flat on the wreath frame. Secure it to the frame using floral wire or twine. Ensure that the stem end is pointing outward and the greenery is facing the frame.
  4. Overlap and Secure More Branches:
    • Continue adding cedar branches one at a time, overlapping them slightly to hide the frame. Secure each branch with floral wire or twine as you go. Make sure the branches all face the same direction for a uniform appearance.
  5. Cover the Frame Completely:
    • Keep adding branches until you’ve covered the entire wreath frame. The number of branches you’ll need depends on the size of your frame and the thickness you desire for your wreath. You can make it as full as you like.
  6. Trim Excess Branches:
    • Once the wreath frame is entirely covered with cedar branches, use pruning shears or scissors to trim any excess length and create a neat, even appearance.
  7. Add Decorations (Optional):
    • If you’d like to embellish your cedar wreath, you can attach decorations like ribbon, pine cones, berries, or ornaments using floral wire or hot glue.
  8. Hang Your Wreath:
    • Use a festive ribbon or a piece of twine to create a loop for hanging your wreath. Attach it securely to the back of the wreath frame.
  9. Display Your Cedar Wreath:
    • Hang your cedar wreath on your front door, above your fireplace, or in any other location where you’d like to add a touch of natural beauty and fragrance.

A homemade cedar wreath adds a rustic and aromatic charm to your home decor, especially during the holiday season. Enjoy the natural beauty and fragrance it brings to your living space.

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