how to lock a push bar door without key

Locking a push bar door without a key typically depends on the type of lock and latch mechanism installed on the door. Push bar doors, also known as panic exit devices, are designed for quick and easy egress during emergencies. However, they can also be equipped with locks for security. Here are some common methods to lock a push bar door without a key:

  1. Use a Thumbturn Lock (Inside):
    • Many push bar doors have a thumbturn lock on the inside. If your door has this type of lock, simply turn the thumbturn to engage the lock. This will secure the door from the inside without requiring a key. Keep in mind that this lock can be easily disengaged from the inside, which is essential for safety reasons.
  2. Utilize a Deadbolt Lock (Inside):
    • Some push bar doors are equipped with a deadbolt lock on the inside. If your door has a deadbolt lock, you can turn the thumbturn or knob to extend the deadbolt, effectively locking the door without a key.
  3. Install a Slide Bolt or Surface Bolt (Inside):
    • If your push bar door does not have an integrated lock, consider installing a slide bolt or surface bolt on the inside. These types of bolts can be manually slid into a strike plate on the door frame to secure the door. They are typically operated without a key.
  4. Use a Door Barricade Device (Inside):
    • Door barricade devices are portable security bars or brackets that can be easily installed on the inside of a door. They prevent the door from being pushed open, effectively locking it from the inside without any need for a key.
  5. Apply a Temporary Block (Inside):
    • In a pinch, you can use a wooden block, bar, or similar object to wedge the push bar down on the inside. This will prevent the door from being pushed open from the outside. However, this is not a secure long-term solution.
  6. Contact a Professional:
    • If none of the above options work for your specific door or if you require a more secure locking solution, consider consulting a professional locksmith or security expert. They can assess your door and recommend appropriate locking mechanisms.

Please note that for safety reasons, push bar doors should always allow easy and unobstructed egress from the inside, especially in public or commercial buildings. Engaging locks on these doors without the ability to easily exit in an emergency may violate building codes and regulations. Be sure to comply with all relevant safety and legal requirements when locking push bar doors.

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