Outfits A Man Should Include In His Capsule Wardrobe

How often have you found yourself staring blankly at your wardrobe, overstuffed with unnecessary sets of clothes, and wondered to yourself – “I have nothing to wear.” Have you experienced a situation where you were searching for a denim shirt and got hold of your favourite striped shirts, something that you were searching for the other day?

Don’t worry; most people often experience this dilemma because the essentials in their wardrobes are mixed with clothes that they hardly wear. This is where the problem arises. But to think beyond, every problem comes with a solution.

A Capsule Wardrobe At Your Rescue

The solution is to build an organised wardrobe with only essential clothes with JACK&JONES because, as the new trend goes, less is better. That’s where the concept of a capsule wardrobe comes in. This guide is for every man who wants his wardrobe to be minimalistic.

Basics Of A Capsule Wardrobe – What Should You Include?

What defines a capsule wardrobe? Is it just a compact collection of versatile clothes? A capsule wardrobe is designed selectively and includes multi-purpose items. Let’s find out some must-include clothes in this post.

Half Sleeve T-Shirts

Summer is all about bright and comfortable clothes that truly define your style statement. Half-sleeve t-shirts, for example, give you a relaxed vibe. Embrace subtle striped shirts made of premium fabrics like cotton.

You can pair solid-coloured white T-shirts with any jeans colour. Remember, you can get neutral shades like black, grey, white, blue, and brown. Those solid-coloured half-sleeve round-neck t-shirts can complement the look of striped shirts.

A Suit

Get a basic suit tailored to fit you perfectly. Select a simple and classic style so you can wear it for 20 to 30 years. You might just wear a blazer with jeans and a T-shirt for a casual look. Or you can opt for a more professional look for corporate meetings or office parties by pairing it with your favourite formal shirt, pants, and shoes.

Stripped Shirts

Shirts, particularly striped or check shirts, deserve a supreme spot in the capsule wardrobe. You may ask why. Well, the timeless appeal of these shirts adds a wow factor to your dressing sense. So, whether you want to go bold with horizontal stripes or traditional designs, this type of item can be paired with trousers.

Jeans (At Least Three Pairs)

Black, light-blue, and dark-blue coloured jeans are must-haves in your wardrobe. If you love funky outfits, you may include splattered or ripped jeans in your capsule wardrobe. You can couple your jeans with half sleeve t-shirts based on the colour combination.


Thinking that only beach travel enthusiasts can include swimwear in their capsule wardrobe is a misconception. A premium quality pair of swim shorts is a must in a man’s capsule wardrobe. Whether you call yourself a beach person or a swimming enthusiast, including lightweight clothing like swim shorts is a great idea. So, from half-sleeve shirts and T-shirts to printed shirts, blazers, and swim shorts, your capsule wardrobe is all about your personal style. So, spend your valuable time selectively designing your wardrobe with the above essentials from JACK&JONES. Get the best collections of clothes from this brand and build your personalized capsule wardrobe.

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